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The Power Supply or PSU as it is normally known is one of the most important parts of any PC. We offer power supplies ranging between 500W to well over 1000W for every modder’s individual needs. Some of the brands we stock are Ace, Aerocool, Cooler Master, Thermaltake and Evo Labs

There are three main styles of Power Supply cable sets.

Modular PSUs have cables that can be unplugged from the PSU unit so you only have to plug in the specific cables you need for your system. Modular PSUs are generally considered to be the easiest to sleeve and wire manage.

Semi-Modular PSUs have some cables that can be unplugged from the PSU unit while others such as the 24-Pin and EPS cables are rooted to the PSU unit.

Non-Modular PSUs have a cable set that is entirely rooted to the PSU unit and cannot be unplugged.

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